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Within this section you’ll find over 200 different residential log home floor plans & designs, as well as a selection of multifamily and commercial floor plans. Each floor plan has been carefully designed, prepared, and reviewed by our professional log home designers to both maximize your log home experience and provide you with a floor plan that will meet your needs and desires.

Preliminary Blueprints, priced at $299.95 for two full sets, provide Elevations and Floor Plans that let you experiment a bit. Go ahead and make the modifications that would allow the plans to more closely meet all your needs, submit them back to us, and, for a reasonable fee, we’ll make your modifications and give you back a professionally completed set of revisions and ultimately, a set of Final Blueprints for your specified unique log home design.

Final Blueprints range in price from $599.95 to $799.95 for five full sets and would be the correct choice if what you see in our Blueprint section is just right and you’re ready to get things moving quickly. These plans include Elevations, Floor Plans, Foundation Plan, Framing Plans (first floor, porches/decks, second floor, and roof), Building Section, and any applicable detail pages. Final Blueprints are typically used:

• By your lender for appraisal purposes
• By your builder and/or material supplier to provide accurate materials costs
• By you to obtain materials package price quotes from eLogHomes or other log home manufacturer(s)
• By your mechanical contractors (electrical, plumbing, HVAC) to both layout and cost mechanical systems
• By your local building department for purposes of issuing a building permit
• By your builder during the actual construction phase
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