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Glossary : Rustic and Primitive Interior Decorating for Your Log Home Cabin

When you build your log cabin, you have a period of time to select items and color schemes that will complement the beauty of the structure and wood elements that you will be surrounded with. Although luxury log homes can be successfully decorated with modern themes and items, most people tend to decorate with a rustic or primitive flair. The need to "get back to nature" often translates to the furniture and furnishings throughout the home in order to feel more connected with the common woodland or rural settings one usually builds a log home in.

What is Rustic and Primitive Decor?

You only need to turn to the earth to get your color palettes and natural items to get your furniture inspirations. Log cabins are often outfitted with heavier furniture pieces and in the case of upholstered pieces, they tend to be the bulkier upholstery. Color blocking is perceived as a more modern interior decor approach. You'll likely be drawn to prints, large floral patterns, country scene paintings, natural element lamps made of wood, stone, or antlers, and wooden or stone carvings for statues, candle holders, and other accent pieces. Primitive decor and rustic decor do denote an assumption that a piece will appear to be "worn" or of some age. While that may hold true, it also implies that a piece that is rustic is also substantial, trustworthy, and still viable. An old rusty wrought iron gate or cast iron hand pump may have years of wear, but still convey a look of having worth as a sturdy piece you can still "trust" - that still has quality and useful life. Those pieces are usually made of material (wrought iron, hammered copper, etc.) that are less commonly used today than a century ago. Thus, old pieces that still have useful life or substance can be incorporated into a rustic design for both function and beauty. We appreciate older items because the quality workmanship truly shines through the years of service.

Handcrafted Artisans - Quality Woodworking and Stonework

A few luxurious, high-quality items well placed throughout a log home is elevated when it is a one-of-a-kind handcrafted piece. Reclaimed barn wood, reclaimed brick and stone work, and custom wood carvings or custom paintings not only preserve natural materials by being repurposed, they preserve history or give you a story that no one else can tell. Many great artists can provide you with pieces of art or custom reclaimed furniture that will intrigue your family and friends. The history or "back-story" of your rustic, reclaimed wooden sofa table made from the state Governor's barn that was built in 1789 and housed 3 championship race horses is a great conversation piece - and it catches your keys when you walk through the door!

Cabinets made from reclaimed wood serve the function that you desire, however, the primitive charm an ambiance that comes from using this type of material can hardly be faked. When constructed correctly from reclaimed wood that is inspected for continuing sound quality, your cabinet can last yet another hundred years while making your kitchen one of the most inviting rooms in the whole neighborhood.

In Search of Quality Log Home Interior Items and Custom Work Artisans

In's effort to bring our log home buyers the best experiences in building their log home - we are also always on the lookout for builders and handcrafted artisans that can provide you with a choice of high-quality items for your rustic, primitive log cabin decor.

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