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Log Home Manufacturer, Questions To Ask

Log Cabin ManufacturerIf you are shopping for a log cabin manufacturer, there are a few questions that you will want to ask to clarify what services you can expect.

Your log cabin manufacturer may or may not offer building through their company. Usually the log cabin manufacturers sell their products produced at their mill to resellers and builders who offer those products to their potential client. ElogHomes is different. We feel that as log cabin manufacturers, who would be better suited to build the log cabin for you than the designer and manufacturer?

Will your log cabin manufacturer have references for you to obtain insurance on your finished cabin? Since eLogHomes has been in business for 10 years as of 2019, we have accumulated a great list of resources to share on both the log cabin manufacturer side as well as the building and finished product sides and can likely share information that will help you along the way.

Can your log cabin manufacturer make customizations to the floor plan that you have chosen? At eLogHomes, customizations are fairly routine and are handled quickly during the planning phases since we have an in-house drafting team eager to help you put your dream home plans on paper. Many log cabin manufacturers do not easily alter established plans or do not offer alterations at all without incurring great expenses just to have the plans and materials changed. That’s not the case with our company.

Visit our gallery and view over 200 spectacular designs and see how working with a great log cabin manufacturer works!
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