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Materials List

eLoghomes Home Cutaway
  1. Pressure treated sill plate; Termite shield / skirt flashing
  2. Conventional first floor system with bridging and hangers as applicable; includes construction adhesive and 23/32” OSB floor sheathing
  3. Log skirting (matching log siding profile)
  4. Track ‘n Lock logs – PRECUT AND NUMBERED for window/door openings and applicable corner system (Eastern White Pine; 13 courses for approximate 8' first floor ceiling, 8/6 log with notch & pass or optional corner system, to be noted differently on Sales Agreement) with vertical wall posts for inside and angled corners
  5. Window and door buck lumber
  6. Insulated low “E” double-hung, awning, angle bay, casement and special wood windows per plan with 5/4” x 4” exterior trim; includes snap-in colonial grilles and screens where applicable. (NOTE: All fixed upper gable glass is to be supplied by owner; 5/4” x 4” trim supplied with materials package)
  7. Choice of solid wood, stain-grade fiberglass, or steel insulated exterior doors with 5/4” x 4” exterior trim
  8. Interior partition framing with double top plate and single bottom plate; 2x6 framing where necessary for plumbing walls
  9. Conventional second floor system with bridging and hangers as applicable; includes construction adhesive and 23/32” OSB floor sheathing
  10. Interior stair systems – 2x12 stringers with 2x4 temporary treads
  11. Gable end framing per plan with gable trim
  12. eLoghomes Joinery Details
  13. 7/16” OSB sheathing and building wrap for exterior stud walls
  14. Matching log siding for gable ends, dormers and second story walls (and garage walls, if applicable) with 2” x 4” and 2" x 6” corner boards for angled corners, PRECUT false log corners for other corners (NOTE: False log corners NOT available for saddlenotch corners)
  15. Conventionally framed roof system per plan, with sloped hangers for structural ridge areas as applicable
  16. 7/16” OSB roof sheathing, 30 pound synthetic roof underlayment, and roll ridge vent as required
  17. 12” gable overhang, 12”-16” eave overhang
  18. Fascia boards and 3/8” rough sawn pine plywood soffit with vent strips
  19. 4x6 Porch posts and 6x8 S4S carry beams
  20. Porch roof framing, sheathing, felt paper, and ceiling (3/8" rough sawn plywood)
  21. Pressure treated porch open deck, and exterior balcony framing (supports to grade by owner) and 5/4x6 bull-nosed decking (per plan); includes flashing and bolts for deck to house connection
  22. Round handcrafted White Cedar railing systems for porches, open decks, balconies, lofts, and open side(s) of interior stairways. Exterior stairs and stair rails are available as an upgrade order, and can be quoted once site grade is known
  23. Roof valley flashing and dormer step flashing, if applicable, and roof drip edge
  24. All required nails log screws, and lag screws with washers as applicable
  25. Double row polyfoam gasket, hardwood dowels and caulking
  26. All attached/detached garages are supplied with 2x4 exterior framing, 7/16” OSB sheathing, building wrap, matching log siding, PRECUT false log corners where applicable, and conventionally framed roof system
  27. Illustrated construction manual, standard details and up to 5 sets of final blueprints  

Options/Upgrades Available
(Additional charges will apply)

  1. Premium log size – 8/8, 12/6, 12/8
  2. Interior 1x6 or 1x8 paneling for selected room walls, ceilings and/or soffits
  3. Decorative beam package (4x6 S4S timbers @ 48” OC) for selected ceiling areas
  4. Wood preservatives and treatments for exterior log/log siding walls and interior wood surfaces
  5. 8” – 15” diameter handcrafted log interior or exterior support posts, wind posts, porch posts, and decorative handcrafted ½ logs for ceilings
  6. 4”x12” square S4S or 8”-15” diameter handcrafted stringers with 8”-15” handcrafted ½ log treads or 4”x12” square S4S treads for interior stair systems
  7. Handcrafted or structural beamed porte cochere
  8. Premium exterior door
  9. Posts and railing for exterior stairs
  10. Full log gable ends


(1)  Each eLogHomes log home is designed to meet at least the minimum standards of the 2015 International Residential Code and will, therefore, in many cases meet local building code requirements.  However, some locations may impose other requirements which you must make eLogHomes aware of to insure that your log home is appropriately modified to meet those specific requirements.

(2)  All eLogHomes log homes are designed to meet a 40 lb roof/snow load standard. Roof loading can easily be modified for your particular building location at either a modest extra charge (for higher load regions) OR a cost reduction (for lower load areas).

Shell Package Erection Labor Services Provided

NOTE:  Shell package erection services not available in all states
NOTE:  Not all services applicable to all designs

  1. Install pressure treated sill plate and termite shield/skirt flashing.
  2. Install first floor system framing w/bridging.
  3. Install first floor sheathing w/construction adhesive.
  4. Install starter plate.
  5. Install temporary corner posts for log wall alignment.
  6. Set and brace door bucks.
  7. Stack logs with log screws; apply double row polyfoam gasket, caulking and dowels.
  8. Set and brace window bucks.
  9. Drill for electrical to first floor outlets and wall switches.
  10. Cut out for electrical boxes in log walls.
  11. Install window/door side bucks to log ends (set back to receive exterior trim positioned flush with outside of log) with slip joint to allow for settling.
  12. Frame first floor interior walls (framed to ½” below top of log wall and slip joints for all attachments to log walls to allow for settling)
  13. Install second floor framing and sheathing with construction adhesive.
  14. Install permanent stair stringers and temporary treads (from 1st floor to 2nd floor only), as applicable.
  15. Frame garage walls.
  16. Frame second floor exterior walls (including dormers).
  17. Install roof framing (rafters, ties, ceiling joists, ridge or trusses, as applicable).
  18. Frame second floor interior walls.
  19. Install porch and open deck floor systems, including deck to house flashing and bolts
  20. Install porch posts, carry beams and roof framing.
  21. Install roof sheathing and felt paper.
  22. Install porch ceiling.
  23. Install porch, open deck, and exterior stair rails.
  24. Install flashing at log sided wall to roof surface connections.
  25. Install roof drip edge.
  26. Frame gable ends.
  27. Apply sheathing and house wrap to second floor exterior, gable end and dormer walls.
  28. Apply log siding to second floor exterior, gable end and dormer walls.
  29. Install corner boards or precut solid log corners, as applicable, at second floor exterior and dormer walls.
  30. Install lookouts at gable and eave overhangs.
  31. Install fascia and rake trim.
  32. Install soffit vent strips and soffit material.
  33. Remove top/bottom door and window bucks.
  34. Install eLogHomes supplied windows (apply exterior trim; recess so exterior trim flush to log wall) – NOTE:  Does NOT apply to buyer-supplied fixed/trap gable glass.
  35. Install eLogHomes supplied doors (apply exterior trim; recess so exterior trim flush to log wall)
  36. Install log skirt to cover floor system (where no porch or deck located).

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