Starting on your foundation and supports to grade for porches and/or decks (and WE provide blueprints for all that!) our materials package takes you all the way to a weathertight exterior shell including;

•  All exterior deck systems (framing and decking) PLUS round, White Cedar, handcrafted rail systems;

•  Porch ceilings;

•  All interior partitions so the inside is ready for mechanicals.

So, when you’re done with our materials, you’ll see both that the inside is ready for mechanicals and the outside of the home is completely done, with three sensible exceptions:

•  Roof Shingles or Metal Roof: We’ve found that it’s quite a bit easier for our customers, or their builder, to find a roofing sub-contractor to install shingles or metal roofing if that sub-contractor is also the supplier of the material. In other words, it would be harder for you to find a local roofer willing to install the material at a reasonable labor charge if that roofer can’t make a little money on the materials;

•  Fixed, plate glass in upper gables: The reason for this exclusion is just about identical to that for the roof shingles/metal roofing above. If we were to ship you unframed plate glass for your upper gables, your problem would be finding a local installer – a specialized professional - willing to both install the glass and accept responsibility for its performance. Or if we were to have the glass instead framed at the window factory to make installation by a log home shell erector practical, you’d be paying for the extra and unnecessary materials and labor to have that glass window factory framed;

•  Exterior Stairs and Stair Rails to grade: Because we don’t know how high above the ground any customer’s porch and/or decks will be, we can’t figure the materials necessary for exterior stairs. BUT, either or both can be added during the blueprint process and priced JUST for your specific needs.

And that’s what we mean by the “Most Sensible Complete Weathertight Shell Package” on the market today. We send you everything you need for the shell package EXCEPT those items that would end up costing you more if we did provide them. Doesn’t that make sense?

•  Following is a list, in brief, of what we include in either our Silver or Gold Materials Packages (for a complete list, and cut-away rendering, see the Silver Package Materials & Labor or Gold Package Materials & Labor tabs on our website):

º  All treated material that connects the foundation to the floor system or outside decks;

º  First floor system and sill plate (second floor system where applicable);

º  All pre-cut and numbered exterior wall logs and log wall accessories;

º  All interior partition framing;

º  The entire roof system, including framing, sheathing, 30# synthetic, non-bleed roof underlayment, fascia, soffit, soffit vents, ridge vent, drip edge, and, if applicable, valley flashing – all you provide are the roof shingles;

º  Second story wall, gable end, and dormer wall framing, including house wrap;

º  Matching log siding for skirt, second level walls (including gable ends and dormer walls), and precut false solid log corners where applicable;

º  Insulated, Low-E windows and choice of solid wood, steel insulated, or stain-grade fiberglass insulated exterior doors;

º  All exterior deck systems, including 2x treated framing, 5/4” x 6” premium treated decking, and White Cedar handcrafted rail systems;

º  Available options/upgrades such as structural or decorative timber or handcrafted log roof and/or ceiling systems, interior tongue and groove paneling, timber or handcrafted log interior stair systems.

In 1991 the National Association of Home Builder’s Research Center completed an air infiltration test of 8 log homes, produced by 4 different log home manufacturers, in 4 different states. The test showed;

•  The eLogHome system had the lowest air infiltration rate of all the log homes tested; and

•  When compared to a computer model of a conventionally built home with 2x6 framed insulated walls, the eLogHome had an annual heating energy prediction which was 7.4% better than the conventional home. Or, in other words, the conventional home was predicted to require 8.0% more MBtu (thousands of British Thermal Units) per year.

Of course the log walls need to built correctly – but that’s one of our specialties as well! And here are some of the reasons why an eLogHome log wall performs so well:

•  A true notch & pass system (NOT butt & pass) that features a factory precut mortise and tenon joint;

•  Hardwood dowel and caulking for all in-line vertical log joints;

•  Integral double tongue and groove for all horizontal log joints with;

º  Double row polyfoam gasket;

º  1/8” caulking bead against the outside tongue;

º  Self-tapping lag screws that achieve immediate, and long-lasting, wood to wood contact;

•  Exterior drip edge to shed water down and away;

•  Solid wood corner posts with post to log spline system for inside and angled corners.

•  Why Air-Dried?

We’re big believers in the slow, natural drying process, vs. the rapid, artificial kiln-drying process, because;

•  Log “checking” - frequency, depth, and width - is minimized;

•  The logs will better maintain there solidity – will be less brittle – and, therefore, will be easier to work with;

•  And, thus, a better looking finished product will be provided.

Also, contrary to what might perhaps be popular opinion, air drying is NOT less expensive than kiln-drying. In fact, to properly season the logs naturally requires an extensive inventory that is well-stickered (so there’s air flow around all sides of each log) and regularly inspected over the many months of drying time. So eLogHomes very definitely puts its money where it’s mouth is, so to speak!

•  Why Eastern White Pine?

There are certainly other wood species that are used in the log home industry, both softwood and hardwood. Generally the choices, depending on the area and the supplier, will include Southern Yellow Pine, Cypress, Western Red Cedar, Northern White Cedar, and Oak. We believe that Eastern White Pine is the best choice of all because;

•  Moderate Checking

•  Superb Workability

•  Solid Knots

•  Superior Stability

•  High Insulation Value

We do not, and will not, use those alternative species because;

•  Southern Yellow Pine – Due to it’s grain characteristics, Southern Yellow Pine is far more prone to warping and twisting, leading to gaps between the logs and a loss of the all-important wood-to-wood contact; Southern Yellow Pine also has the lowest R-Value per inch of all the softwood species;

•  Cypress – It’s a very heavy wood (with a bit of an unpleasant odor) that never really dries out, leaving your home with an overly moist environment, the type of environment that can, at times, provide the potential for mold growth;

•  Western Red Cedar – This species of Cedar is particularly known for exhibiting soft knots that, ultimately, either turn softer or shrink and fall out altogether, either of which would need to be addressed to avoid leakage at such points. And, despite that characteristic, its cost is still generally at the higher end of the scale;

•  Northern White Cedar – Northern White Cedar, also known as Swamp Cedar, is a relatively small tree meaning that lengths are rarely as long as 10’. Thus the number of in-line joints will be significantly greater in a Northern White Cedar home;

•  Oak – As a hardwood it’s, naturally, heavier and more difficult to work with than most softwoods. And it’s R-Value per inch is actually 25% below that of even Southern Yellow Pine.

From every standpoint – including affordability -, Eastern White Pine is the best species to use for log walls. And with proper care, it will last for generations!

•  Why Graded Logs?

Our logs are graded by a trained log grader to insure that each and every piece meets or exceeds the industry standards for solidity, slope of grain, number and size of knots, etc, AND our own standards for appearance. And we do it not once, but twice! First, when the logs are actually shaped and profiled and again when the logs are ready to be unitized for shipment. Quality logs are our goal and we take the steps to insure it.

•  Why Factory Precut?

It’s actually pretty simple. We precut and number our wall logs inside and using machinery designed for that purpose rather than expecting and/or hoping that a builder can achieve the proper, precise cuts while dealing with the elements and the difficulty of setting up the proper equipment on-site. Add to that the fact that we double check here as well – both when each log is cut and, as applicable, notched per the precut instructions and again when the logs are unitized for shipment – and the quality of our precision cutting can’t be matched on-site.

With 4 Log Sizes, 5 different Log Profiles (styles), and 4 Log Corner Systems to choose from, your eLogHome will have the appearance that suits your eye and your needs.

•  Log Sizes: Our logs – the numbers denote first the nominal stack height and, second, the nominal width from inside to outside – are available in 8/6, 8/8, 12/6, and 12/8 sizes. The nominal 8” width is frequently called for in more northerly locations (and is necessary when the Double Round Log Profile is desired). The 12” nominal height perhaps provides a heftier appearance and also reduces the number of horizontal joints (as the number of log rows is reduced). Nonetheless, the 8/6 log is perfectly suitable for most locations and is far and away the popular choice.

•  Log Profiles: The renderings below, which are also on each model plan page in our Log Home Gallery, show the names and the looks associated with each of our log styles. The Contemporary Bevel or Double-Four Bevel provides the look of clapboard siding on a solid wood log home while the Notch Lap style is reminiscent of the hand-hewn look popular in the Southeastern US. The Double-Round, of course, provides a round surface both inside and out. The most popular, by far, is the Original Classic – often called a “D Log” – with its rounded exterior and flat, double V-notch interior that can make cabinet installation and picture hanging a bit easier. That interior profile is also a feature of the Contemporary, Double-Four, and Notch Lap log styles.

•  Log Corner Systems: The Notch & Pass corner system, shown below with the other corner systems available, is the most commonly selected while the Dovetail corner is frequently used in conjunction with the Notch Lap log style (though it can be used with any log style). Saddlenotch corners provide the overhanging log on both sides of every corner, with the only caveat being that precut false log corners for second level and/or garage framed wall corners cannot be fashioned to match this corner system. The Contemporary corner style offers the clean corner board look that, when combined with the Contemporary or Double-Four log style, can camouflage the fact that the structure is really a solid wood log home.

Over 200 Log Home Models, complete with pricing, in the “Log Home Gallery” on our website and another 200 (pricing done upon request for serious, qualified log home enthusiasts) under the “Additional Designs” tab. And, as either can be a hefty number of designs to peruse, both sections can be sorted by square footage, levels, or number of bedrooms.

With so many designs to choose from, most of our customers find the log home of their dreams or one that, with a few tweaks, fits their needs and desires perfectly. Your eLogHomes Log Home Planning Consultant, perhaps in conjunction with our Design Department, can help you determine just what changes are necessary. Or, if you have a plan of your own, discuss how our log system can be melded with your design. Either way, price quotes for qualified prospective customers are free!

Eloghomes Limited Warranty
It’s simplest to just show it, so here it is!

warrantyWHAT IS COVERED : All log wall materials manufactured or sold by eLog Homes, when used in conjunction with a residential structure, are warranted to the original purchaser to be free from defects in manufacturing and workmanship for the lifetime of the original purchaser.

WHAT eLOGHOMES WILL DO : Under this warranty, eLog Homes will repair or replace the defective item at its sole discretion. This warranty does not cover the natural characteristic or tendency of some wood to check, warp, shrink or twist. eLog Homes shall not be liable for labor, installation or shipping costs related to repair or replacement, or damages resulting from improper handling or installation. To the extent permitted by law, eLog Homes shall have no liability for any consequential or incidental damages caused by defective materials, and have no further liability except as expressly stated herein.

HOW YOU CAN GET SERVICE : All requests for repair or replacement of materials covered under this warranty must be made in writing, detailing the exact nature and reason for the warranty claim. These claims must be accompanied by the original purchase invoice showing the date of purchase and at least three black and white photographs of the material which is allegedly defective. All such warranty claims should be sent directly to eLog Homes, 7310 Tyler Run, Battleboro NC 27809.

OTHER CONDITIONS : The log materials must be seal treated with a recommended preservative within sixty (60) days of delivery and periodically thereafter as the preservative manufacturer recommends and/or as site conditions require; otherwise, this warranty is void.

YOUR RIGHTS UNDER STATE LAW : Some states do not allow exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages; therefore, the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

No eLogHomes employee or representative is authorized to make any warranties except as herein provided.

Picture it – a rustic, meaty “family tree” support post soaring from the floor all the way to the peak of your roof. Perhaps it’s combined with the same look for the interior wind posts that secure the entire end wall in your vaulted ceiling area, from floor to ceiling. Or consider decorative rustic log rafters following the slope of the roof in that same area. Nothing quite says “log” like a veritable tree, hand-peeled to bring out the beauty of the grain and preserve the natural, rustic appearance. We call them Handcrafted Log Accents and our ability to provide them, in any area or areas you choose, is rather unique in the milled log home industry.

Who better to be responsible for the building of your log home materials package than the log home manufacturer itself! That’s our thinking as well. And it's the reason we design, supply, deliver and build our packages nationwide. Our experienced log home shell erection crews are builders who specialize in erecting our log homes packages and travel widely doing it. We communicate with them daily; and with our customers regularly from our Construction Management Group.

From start to finish, and beyond, we’re all about YOU! Our top-notch product goes hand in hand with our top-notch customer service:

Sales Department

•  Experienced and well trained Log Home Planning Consultants help you with design and pricing AND we’re happy to have our home office designer get involved before you ever put down a dime!

•  Our Log Home Planning Consultants won’t give you a “ballpark” price but, rather, will provide you with pricing that eLogHomes is ready, willing, and able to stand behind!

Order Processing Department

•  Dedicated Customer Service Representative (CSR) works with you from the day we receive your order, through the entire blueprint process, and all the way to readiness for delivery.

•  Your CSR will, as necessary, refer you to one of our approved lenders and/or help you locate a local General Contractor for your project.

•  Design ideas as the blueprint process is worked through are our specialty – you give us your thoughts and your needs and we’ll use our years of experience to guide you to the best solutions.

•  And there are no pricing surprises – every time you specify a change, you’ll be given the pricing impact of that change, whether up or down, before you commit to moving ahead with it.

•  Once the design and layout meet with your approval, it’s on to Final Blueprints – and you get 5 complete sets for your use!

•  If your building department requires a REScheck (energy audit) as part of your building permit application, your CSR can run your building through the US Department of Energy REScheck software and provide you with a Compliance Certificate – at absolutely no charge!

Delivery and Construction

•  Your CSR will go over all delivery preparation with you, in advance, to insure that you’re ready once the big day arrives!

•  You’ll receive a detailed Packing List and Intended Use List that will allow you to both check off the materials you receive and know just what materials are to be used where.

•  Also, all materials units are wrapped, banded, and labeled so they are protected from the weather while on site and so you know just what materials are in what unit.

•  Illustrated Construction Manual and Details to assist you, or your builder (if you don’t have us put up your shell), in erecting your log home shell package quickly and correctly.

•  Post Delivery “Hot Line” to answer your, or your builder’s, material and construction questions, with ALL inquiries given a top priority status and quick turnaround.

We look forward to having you join our growing family of happy eLogHomes customers!

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