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Original Classic
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Hand Crafted


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greatrooms,entranceways  X
2916. greatrooms,entranceways

The Alamosa

kitchens,fireplaces  X
547. kitchens,fireplaces

Beautiful custom counter tops

diningrooms  X
646. diningrooms

The Auburn

greatrooms  X
292. greatrooms

The center piece of the home!

greatrooms  X
237. greatrooms

Now thats a fire place!

greatrooms,fireplaces  X
2937. greatrooms,fireplaces

The Barclay

duplicate,fireplaces,hcaccents  X
3016. duplicate,fireplaces,hcaccents


greatrooms,fireplaces  X
1007. greatrooms,fireplaces

Beautiful stone fireplace

bedrooms,hcaccents,fireplaces  X
1116. bedrooms,hcaccents,fireplaces

absolutely stunning!

greatrooms,fireplaces  X
1424. greatrooms,fireplaces

Warm and cozy great room layout

fireplaces  X
1542. fireplaces

Wonderful custom cabinetry

greatrooms  X
271. greatrooms

Open and spacious layout

greatrooms,fireplaces  X
1701. greatrooms,fireplaces

Exceptional rustic living room design

duplicate,fireplaces,hcaccents,lifestyles  X
3456. duplicate,fireplaces,hcaccents,lifestyles

The Mangrove

greatrooms,specialtyrooms,lifestyles  X
3583. greatrooms,specialtyrooms,lifestyles

The Passaic

greatrooms,fireplaces  X
4004. greatrooms,fireplaces

The Red Oak

greatrooms,fireplace,hcaccents,lifestyles  X
2149. greatrooms,fireplace,hcaccents,lifestyles

One of a kind craftsmanship

greatrooms,fireplaces  X
3715. greatrooms,fireplaces

The Rush Valley

greatrooms,fireplaces,hcaccents,lifestyles,specialtyrooms  X
3735. greatrooms,fireplaces,hcaccents,lifestyles,specialtyrooms

The Santorini

greatrooms  X
308. greatrooms

Spectacular custom marble counters

greatrooms  X
286. greatrooms

Gorgeous! The Sonoma

greatrooms,hcaccents,specialtyrooms,lifestyles  X
2521. greatrooms,hcaccents,specialtyrooms,lifestyles

beautiful great room layout

diningrooms  X
161. diningrooms

Outstanding craftsmanship

specialtyrooms,greatrooms,fireplaces,entranceways  X
595. specialtyrooms,greatrooms,fireplaces,entranceways

Bright, open and Beautiful!

kitchens  X
664. kitchens

Spacious and efficient design

greatrooms,fireplace,lifestyles,hcaccents  X
2927. greatrooms,fireplace,lifestyles,hcaccents

The Banning

kitchens,diningrooms,hcaccents  X
714. kitchens,diningrooms,hcaccents

Born on the Bayou, the Baton Rouge!

kitchens  X
2960. kitchens

The Bear River

kitchens  X
755. kitchens

Awesome custom woodwork!

greatrooms  X
882. greatrooms


kitchens,hcaccents  X
952. kitchens,hcaccents

Spectacular design with hand crafted appeal!

greatrooms,fireplaces  X
3042. greatrooms,fireplaces

The Buffalo River

greatrooms  X
980. greatrooms

Invite friends over and share a meal!

kitchens  X
306. kitchens

Love that distressed wood look!

greatrooms,hcaccents  X
1175. greatrooms,hcaccents

Awesome great room design

kitchens,hcaccents  X
232. kitchens,hcaccents

Light and airy!

kitchens  X
3141. kitchens

The Cumberland

kitchens  X
3219. kitchens

The Eaglespeak

greatrooms,fireplaces,lifestyles,entranceways  X
1338. greatrooms,fireplaces,lifestyles,entranceways

Bright and airy layout

Kitchens,hcaccents  X
33. Kitchens,hcaccents

Unique! The Indian Lake

greatrooms  X
267. greatrooms

Beautiful hand crafted accents

greatrooms  X
275. greatrooms

Stunning great room design

greatrooms,fireplaces  X
3532. greatrooms,fireplaces

The Millstone

kitchens  X
4133. kitchens

Absolutely amazing craftsmanship!

greatrooms  X
278. greatrooms

Uniquely crafted decorative beams

kitchens,hcaccents,lifestyles  X
2523. kitchens,hcaccents,lifestyles

Spectacular style

kitchens  X
3889. kitchens

The White Springs

greatrooms,fireplaces  X
2822. greatrooms,fireplaces

The Winter Camp

greatrooms,fireplaces  X
3923. greatrooms,fireplaces

The yellowstone

greatrooms  X
4044. greatrooms

The Dillon

bedrooms,hcaccents  X
113. bedrooms,hcaccents

Every little ones dream bedroom!

kitchens  X
545. kitchens

Gorgeous custom stonework, the Arlington!

kitchens  X
597. kitchens

Spacious kitchen design, the Ashland

greatrooms,fireplaces,hcaccents  X
818. greatrooms,fireplaces,hcaccents

A true one of a kind, the Bitterroot

kitchens  X
92. kitchens

The Blue Ridge

greatrooms,fireplaces  X
873. greatrooms,fireplaces

The Brentwood

kitchens  X
899. kitchens

Kitchen design using reclaimed wood

kitchens  X
3054. kitchens

The Carlsbad

kitchens  X
380. kitchens

Excellent color blend

bedrooms  X
3124. bedrooms

The Crawford

bedrooms  X
63. bedrooms

The Creedmoor!

bedrooms,fireplaces  X
3155. bedrooms,fireplaces

The Cuyahoga

kitchens  X
353. kitchens

The Jefferson, spectacular!

bedrooms,specialtyrooms  X
3575. bedrooms,specialtyrooms

The Party House

bedrooms,fireplaces,hcaccents  X
3737. bedrooms,fireplaces,hcaccents

The Santorini

bedrooms  X
2488. bedrooms

The Southfork

bedrooms  X
2522. bedrooms

Stone Ridge master suite, beautiful!

kitchens  X
3839. kitchens

The Tradewater

kitchens  X
388. kitchens

The White Birch!

bedrooms  X
4023. bedrooms

The Humboldt

bedrooms  X
4128. bedrooms

Cozy and comfortable eat in kitchen

bedrooms  X
2929. bedrooms

The Banning

bathrooms  X
2981. bathrooms

The Benson

bedrooms,hcaccents,fireplaces  X
3121. bedrooms,hcaccents,fireplaces

The Courtland

bedrooms,hcaccents  X
3167. bedrooms,hcaccents

The Deerfield

greatrooms  X
276. greatrooms

Exceptional tongue-n-groove paneling

bedrooms  X
3269. bedrooms

The Fairview

bedrooms  X
98. bedrooms

Spacious open bedroom design

bedrooms  X
57. bedrooms

Spectacular master bedroom layout

bedrooms  X
118. bedrooms

Classic comfort and elegance

bathrooms  X
38. bathrooms

Luxury bath, the Red Oak

greatrooms,fireplaces  X
3821. greatrooms,fireplaces

The Sweetwater

bathrooms,lifestyles  X
261. bathrooms,lifestyles

Gorgeous bath

bedrooms,fireplaces,specialtyrooms  X
3884. bedrooms,fireplaces,specialtyrooms

The White Birch

bedrooms,hcaccents  X
4098. bedrooms,hcaccents

Gorgeous Bedroom!

bedrooms,hcaccents  X
4102. bedrooms,hcaccents

Spacious second floor landing

bedrooms,fireplaces  X
4112. bedrooms,fireplaces

Gorgeous and Stylish

greatrooms  X
247. greatrooms

Lounging on the sofa!

bedrooms  X
4083. bedrooms

A true one of a kind, the Bitterroot

kitchens  X
875. kitchens

Simple and open kitchen concept

entranceways  X
901. entranceways

Blending of formal and rustic design

kitchens  X
4027. kitchens

Custom kitchen, the Andover!

greatrooms  X
4080. greatrooms

Spectacular! The Bellehaven

bedrooms,hcaccents  X
4103. bedrooms,hcaccents

The Deerfield

bedrooms,fireplaces  X
4143. bedrooms,fireplaces

Custom stone work anyone?

bedrooms  X
114. bedrooms

Wonderful vaulted ceiling design

bedrooms  X
111. bedrooms

One of a kind rustic bedroom concept

bathrooms,hcaccents  X
3848. bathrooms,hcaccents

The Virginian

diningrooms  X
776. diningrooms

Majestic great room design

bedrooms  X
789. bedrooms

Gorgeous bedroom layout

bathrooms  X
26. bathrooms

I incomparable Big Sky!

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