eLogHomes.Com Actions


eLogHomes.Com Order and Deposit Received

eLogHomes.Com emails the Customer Information Packet to you, including;

  • Copy of executed Sales Agreement
  • Buyer's Acknowledgement (chock full of helpful hints!)
  • Map & Directions Form (so we know how to get there!)
  • Construction Manual  (so you and your builder can review well in advance)
  • Financing Process Guidelines & Checklist (to remove the mystery about obtaining a Construction Loan and Permanent Mortgage)
  • eLogHomes.Com "Help Desk" phone number and details

eLogHomes.Com mails Preliminary Blueprints (elevations and floor plans) for your approval


Preliminary Blueprints Approved

eLogHomes.Com helps determine any special design needs you may have (i.e. loading requirements, engineering)

eLogHomes.Com starts work on Final (Construction) Blueprints (final elevations, floor plans, foundation plan, framing plans, building section(s), applicable details)

eLogHomes.Com mails Final Blueprints upon completion for your approval


Final Blueprints Approved

eLogHomes.Com launches the creation of the;

  • Packing List (Bill of Goods)
  • Intended Use List (so you and your builder know where everything goes!)

Pre-Manufacturing Payment Received

eLogHomes.Com sends the order for your home to its Manufacturing & Purchasing Departments

eLogHomes.Com emails a Confirmation of Delivery to you (confirming the delivery date and final COD balance due)


Delivery Date!

Your eLogHomes.Com Home arrives on flat-bed tractor-trailers!

The eLogHomes.COm Delivery Packet is hand-delivered to you including:

  • Packing List (for inventorying materials received)
  • Intended Use List (for use during construction)

Final Payment Received

eLogHomes.Com sends you a Customer Appreciation Packet, which will include a Special Gift!

eLogHomes.Com personally checks with you on your progress on a periodic basis
...ultimately, and if we've done our job right, eLogHomes.Com asks you for referrals!


Naturally, we'll have ongoing communications with you throughout, and after, this entire process - indeed, we'll get to know each other quite well!
And as a eLogHomes.Com customer you'll be given immediate and complete access to our "Help Desk Hot-Line"...forever!

We look forward to serving you!

ALWAYS feel free to call us at
919-746-7522 with any questions!
Or Contact Us Here