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Standard Materials List

  1. Log skirting (matching log siding profile)
  2. Track ‘n Lock logs – random lengths (five log styles available, Eastern White Pine)
  3. Window and door buck lumber.
  4. Insulated low “E” double-hung, awning, angle bay, casement and special wood windows per plan and 4/4” x 4” exterior trim; includes snap-in colonial grilles and screens where applicable – NOTE: All fixed upper gable glass is to be supplied by owner (4/4” x 4” trim supplied with
    materials package)
  5. Solid wood or steel insulated exterior doors and 4/4” x 4” exterior trim
  6. Interior partition framing with double top plate and single bottom plate; 2x6 framing where necessary for plumbing walls
  7. Conventional second floor system with bridging and hangers as applicable; includes construction adhesive and 23/32” OSB floor sheathing
  8. Interior stair systems – 2x12 stringers with 2x4 temporary treads (not visible)
  9. Conventional gable framing per plan with gable trim
  10. 7/16” OSB sheathing and building wrap for exterior stud walls
  11. Matching log siding for gable ends, dormers and second story walls (and garage walls, if applicable) with 4/4” x 4” and 5” corner boards where applicable
  12. Conventionally framed roof system per plan, with sloped hangers for structural ridge areas as applicable
  13. 19/32” OSB roof sheathing and asphalt impregnated 30# roofing felt
  14. 12” gable overhang, 12”-16” eave overhang
  15. Fascia boards and 3/8” pine plywood soffit with vent strips
  16. 4x6 porch posts and 6x8 carry beams
  17. Porch roof framing, sheathing and felt paper
  18. Roof valley flashing and dormer step flashing, if applicable, and roof drip edge (not visible)
  19. All required nails and lag screws with washers, or log screws (not visible)
  20. Double row polyfoam gasket, hardwood dowels and caulking (not visible)
  21. All attached garages are supplied with 2x4 exterior framing, 7/16” OSB sheathing, building wrap, matching log siding and conventionally framed roof systems (not visible)
  22. Illustrated construction manual, standard details and up to 5 sets of final blueprints

Complete Materials Package
(Additions to Standard Materials Package)

  1. First floor system
  2. Precut package (Logs precut and numbered for window/door openings and notch & pass or contemporary corner system - extra charge for dovetail or saddlenotch corners)
  3. Precut false log corners for dormer, second story, and attached garage corners(false corners not included for other than 90 degree angled corners)

Note: false log corners not available for saddlenotch corners

Premium Materials Package
(Additions to Complete Materials Package)

  1. Round handcrafted white cedar railing systems for porches, decks, exterior stairs (3’ to grade), balconies, lofts, and interior stairways
  2. Anderson series 400 clad window and patio door upgrade
  3. Engineer Sealed Final Blueprints (for your state/municipality; NOTE: Additional charges will apply for IL and CA)
  4. Premium entry door upgrade(s) with hardware ($5,000 cost cap allowance)
  5. 24” Gable overhangs
  6. 1x6 White pine T&G for soffits and porch ceilings

Options/Upgrades Available
(Additional charges will apply)

  • Premium log size – 8/8, 12/6, 12/8
  • Interior 1x6 or 1x8 paneling for selected room walls, ceilings and/or soffits
  • Decorative beam package (4x6 S4S timbers @ 48” OC) for selected ceiling areas
  • Wood preservatives and treatments for exterior log/log siding walls and interior wood surfaces
  • 8” – 15” diameter handcrafted log interior or exterior support posts, wind posts, porch posts, and decorative handcrafted ½ logs for ceilings
  • 4”x12” square S4S or 8”-15” diameter handcrafted stringers with 8”-15” handcrafted ½ log treads or 4”x12” square S4S treads for interior stair systems
  • Structural beamed 2nd floor system with heavy timber (minimum 6x) or handcrafted log framing, matching material to box any required engineered beams, 2x or 3x, as required, tongue-and-groove floor decking, and all necessary blocking
  • Structural beamed roof system with heavy timber (minimum 6x) or handcrafted log framing, matching material to box any required engineered beams, 2x or 3x, as required, tongue-and-groove roof decking, all necessary blocking, rigid foam insulation panels (R-30 or R-40), roof sheathing, 30# roofer’s felt, fascia, soffit, drip edge, and valley flashing