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Terms Used In The Log Home Kits Industry

We are happy that you are here on Why? We are honored to have the opportunity to show you our Log Home Kit - find out more about the Black Hawk - perfect log cabin with rustic charm! beautiful, unique log home kits. We are also excited to know that after you go through our gallery of floor plans and photos, we can help you customize your log home plans right now so that your dream log home will be on the way very soon! In order to understand some terms, processes, and techniques that are specific to log home building, we have included this glossary and series of articles as a service to you while you choose your log home features. Our convenient links menu to the left will help you find in depth information about our log home kits for sale.

eLogHomes is Your Log Home Designer, Manufacturer, and Builder

While other providers may only give you designs that they sell that were produced by another company or they can sell you the materials but not build for you, eLogHomes provides you with the better approach to building your log cabin kit. If you need design changes, we are ready to help make them a reality. After you have your plans, who better to build your log cabin kit for you than the very company that manufactured it? We take the guesswork out of the steps to take in taking your log home kit project from start to finish.

Log Homes - The Better Choice

Many choices are available to potential home owners when they are deciding to build. Today, the emphasis is on "green" building. Maybe you need a structure with a small footprint. Maybe you need the most air-tight, energy-efficient type of home. Perhaps you want a home that excels in structural strength and longevity. If those items are at the top of the list for your new home build options, then deciding to build a log home kit is definitely the right choice since log homes are built more quickly and efficiently (just by the nature of the materials used) than traditional houses.

Searching Our Log Home Gallery

On the the gallery page, just above the first log home picture, you will find a very helpful tool. It is the "sort" tool that can assist you in locating the specific designs with the square footage and rooms you desire. You can sort the log home designs by name, price, square footage, bed / baths, and levels. Be sure to use this log house sort / search tool so that you can locate the log home plans that appeal to you the most.