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Log Homes Rising In Popularity

People might assume that some of the first homes built by settlers in America were log cabins. Log Homes - discover the Creedmoor - large, lovely rustic charm log home! According to an article called "Westward Expansion", "the first log cabins in the Americas were built by emigrants from Sweden and Finland. Log cabins had been built in these countries for thousands of years". Log homes were predominantly built after the movement toward settling the West begun. It is surprising to note that most new settlers involved in colonizing the eastern coastal areas built homes with board. Log home popularity is on the rise and for many valuable (and attractive) reasons.

Log Homes Are Extremely Energy Efficient

One of the primary reasons there has been an up tick in log home popularity is energy efficiency. Today, people are very aware of building with the most energy-efficient materials and designs possible. The National Association of Home Builder’s Research Center completed an air infiltration test of 8 log homes, produced by 4 different log home manufacturers, in 4 different states. The test showed;

•  Our system had the lowest air infiltration rate of all the log homes tested; and

•  When compared to a computer model of a conventionally built home with 2x6 framed insulated walls, the eLogHome had an annual heating energy prediction which was 7.4% better than the conventional home. Or, in other words, the conventional home was predicted to require 8.0% more MBtu (thousands of British Thermal Units) per year.

Superior Log Home Construction - Desirable Eco-Friendly and Efficient Log Home Building

Of course the log walls need to built correctly – but that’s one of our specialties as well! And here are some of the reasons why an eLogHome log wall performs so well:

•  A true notch & pass system (NOT butt & pass) that features a factory precut mortise and tenon joint;

•  Hardwood dowel and caulking for all in-line vertical log joints;

•  Integral double tongue and groove for all horizontal log joints with;

º  Double row polyfoam gasket;

º  1/8” caulking bead against the outside tongue;

º  Self-tapping lag screws that achieve immediate, and long-lasting, wood to wood contact;

•  Exterior drip edge to shed water down and away;

•  Solid wood corner posts with post to log spline system for inside and angled corners.

The Most Popular of All - A Log Home's Natural, Stunning Wood Beauty

Just look at the photos of the awesome log homes that have been built up until today. Yours will be the next awe-inspiring creation made from our finest logs based on the fantastic design and log plans that you customize to make it intimately your own. Log homes have evolved to include modern touches, larger panoramic window displays, innovative floor plans, and some of the latest conveniences, however, one will never be able to remove or modernize the presence or natural beauty of true log homes made skillfully by master craftsmen.