In founding eLogHomes.Com, we wanted to create a working environment that allowed us to manufacture, maintain, and market affordable and energy-efficientproducts, while making the smallest possible imprint on our environment. To this end, we created the concept of Little Foot, and have been employing energy-efficientand sustainable practices, at every level of our operation, since our very beginning.

Little Foot and elogHomes.Com

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Little Foot and You

Of course there’s more to Little Foot than simply implementing green policies and practices, and using environmentally friendly suppliers and materials. There are many things that you, as a log home owner, can do to make your home even more energy-efficient and keep those utility bills as low as possible. 

Passive Solar Design

The links below can tell you how you can make the most of your energy-efficient log home.

Little Foot and elogHomes.Com

1.Our Facility
When selecting a location for our plant and mill, eLogHomes.Com chose toreclaim and restore a pre-existing facility, rather than clearing and developing forest or farm lands.

2.Reclaimed Structures
We purchased and rebuilt a pre-existing structure to house our manufacturing and warehousing operations and we built on land that needed very little preparation, inorder to minimize our imprint. Our Structures were thoroughly insulated and weinstalled energy-efficient doors and windows.

Reclaimed Materials

Finally, we completely remodeled the interior of our office building, using only energy-efficient and non-toxicmaterials, creating a safe, healthy, and efficient working environment.

3.Paperless Office
The “Little Foot” concept was again employed in our decisions regarding themarketing and demonstration of our products. Rather than utilizing our websiteas merely an introduction and announcement vehicle and to reduce the amountof printed materials required, we chose to put ALL information on our website – photos, floor plans, square footages, prices, etc. We eliminated the need todesign and print tens of thousands of product brochures (saving the raw materialsand energy that would go into producing, processing, and delivering those).Secondarily, our sales force operates remotely (from their home or own officelocations) as our customer management system makes their presence at CompanyHeadquarters wholly unnecessary. Thus, we take advantage of existing structuresand mechanical systems rather than have to build additional ones here. Third,our customer order processing and communications are accomplished primarilyvia email and phone contact, using very little paper and minimizing deliverycosts (only full-size blueprints, as needed, require paper and mailing resources).Of course, this business model is not only environmentally friendly, but alsoallows us to keep our costs and overhead far below that of competing log homemanufacturers. Meaning that our customers receive the highest quality log homesat the lowest possible prices!

4.Energy-Efficient Logs
Solid log walls are known to be very energy efficient and, in fact, theirperformance far exceeds the modest R-Factors that code agencies ascribe to solidwood. Studies by the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Associationof Home Builders Research Center have shown the superiority of solid logs, withthe latter giving evidence of a 6” thick log wall being 7% MORE energy efficientthan a 2x6 framed wall with R-19 insulation. The bottom line is that it takes lessenergy to heat and cool your log home than it does a conventionally built home.

Joinery System

5.Our Joinery System
As part of the NAHB Research Center study, the joinery system that eLogHomesuses was tested against 9 major competitors and shown to be the most efficient forpreventing air infiltration.

6.Reforestation Support
eLogHomes purchases all of our lumber and raw materials from suppliers whopractice comprehensive reforestation programs.


7.Safe and Non-Toxic
No harmful or toxic chemicals are used in the manufacturing process of our loghome packages..

8.Pre-Cut Logs Reduce Waste
The majority of the log home packages sold by eLogHomes employprecision ‘pre-cut’ logs, which dramatically reduces waste. Each log is cutprecisely to its required length by us prior to delivery, which minimizes waste andsaves time.

9.Recycled Wood Waste
All wood waste created in the manufacturing process of our log home packages isrecycled into other materials including wood chips, mulch, and fuel.

10.Efficient Doors and Windows
All door and window options offered by eLogHomes are energy-efficient and help to lower heating and cooling costs.

Little Foot and You

1.Keeping It Cool

Passive Solar Designing: In passive solar building design, windows, walls, and floors are made to collect, store, and distribute solar energy in the form of heat in the winter, and reject solar heat in the summer. Lay out your home so that the largest expanse of windows faces south. This will maximize sunlight intake in the autumn and winter. Planting trees on the east and west sides of your log home can reduce cooling loads, and hedgerows and shrubbery can be useful for blocking cold winter winds, or for channeling warm summer breezes into your home.

2. Banking Thermal Heat

Flooring and log walls can actually ‘bank’ thermal heat, trapping it in and releasing it slowly, which helps to keep your home warmer in cold weather. Two great examples of flooring materials that ‘bank’ thermal energy are ceramic and marble tile.

3.Your HVAC System

When selecting a HVAC system for your log home, check to make sure that the system you choose can be retrofitted for solar heating, should you ever decide to implement an active solar heating system. Research and become familiar with alternative energy-saving technologies, as many green technologies qualify for tax incentives and rebates.

4.Water Reclamation

Water Reclamation

Consider installing a water reclamation system in your log home. Something as simple as placing a rain barrel at the end of your gutters will provide you with water for your outdoor gardens.

5.Radiant Heating

Consider installing a radiant floor heating system (system of pipes under the flooring which transfers hot water) or solar water heaters, to reduce heating and hot water costs.

6.Reclaimed Wood Products

Interior finishes, such as cabinetry, moldings, and doors can be purchased from manufacturers and craftsmen who specialize in working with reclaimed wood. Using reclaimed wood products is not only good for the environment, but can also give your home a unique look and personality of its own.

7.Green Roofing

Investigate green roofing products. Green roofing products help with storm water run off reduction and filtration, and help to thermally insulate your log home from the elements.

8.Capture The Wind

In geographic areas that experience a constant rate and/or velocity of wind, consider installing devices that make use of the wind to create electricity.

Wind Power

9.Green Builders

Be sure that your builders and contractors have experience with and knowledge of energy-efficient and sustainable building practices and materials.

10. Spreading The Word

Have fun and enjoy your log home! Please call or email us with your own ‘Little Foot’ ideas or stories, we’d love to hear them and share them with other log home owners and enthusiasts.