Construction Service

  • eLoghomes offers an optional service for the installation of the log home shell package that is purchased from us. Headquartered in Battleboro, NC, our work is centrally coordinated and managed by our Construction Service Division.
  • If utilizing our Construction Service, we have specialized log home contractors working with us across the country that will be scheduled to start work once your foundation is completed. Our crews are typically on the job site within 45 days of the delivery of the material kit. This may be shorter or longer due to weather
    conditions and other factors affecting the availability of our crews during some times of the year, such as holiday periods.
  • Our contractors will work with your builder or general contractor to ensure that the work is completed as expected and fits within the overall construction schedule for your log home.
  • Our contractors are all professional businesses, some with multiple shell erection crews, and are individually insured and qualified to work in many states.
  • Our Construction Service team will be in regular contact, keeping you informed on project progress, ensuring the quality of work at every stage. We work with you to manage the inevitable challenges that come up when building a home.

Stages of Construction

  • 1 Rough Flooring System
  • 2 Log Wall Construction
  • 3 First-floor Framing, Partition Framing
  • 4 Roof Installation (not roof covering)
  • 5 Porches & Decks
  • 6 Window and Door Installation

(Note that we do not build your entire home. The service we provide is similar to a framing contractor, except with the great-looking log wall of your home instead of a stick-built home.)

At every stage, our Construction Service team will verify that the work was done properly before proceeding to the next phase of the project.

Although your General Contractor or builder will take the lead on representing you in a building inspection, we will also assist with any questions that come up during that part of the process.

Construction - eloghomes

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