Building the Most Energy Efficient Log Home

  • Solid log walls – Due to their thermal mass (see FAQ for more info), log homes are highly energy efficient, far exceeding the R-Value performance that is typically used to measure stick-built homes under residential building codes.
  • Studies by the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Association of Home Builders Research Center have demonstrated the superiority of solid logs walls for energy efficiency. An NAHB study showed that a 6” thick log wall is 7% MORE energy efficient than a 2”×6” framed wall with R-19 insulation.

eLoghomes designs provide industry-leading energy efficiency and cost savings.

  • The eLoghomes’ Platinum Energy Package is now available, and includes Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), as well as higher Energy Efficient doors and windows.
  • eLoghomes’ 6-Point Weatherlink™ System – Our log walls provide greater energy efficiency. In a NAHB Research Center study, eLoghomes’ Weatherlink™ system is among the top performing in preventing air infiltration. Register now to find out more from our team.
  • Energy efficient building materials – We can guide you in the design of your log home for more energy efficiency, including other options beyond the scope of what we provide.

What are SIPs?

  • Structural Insulated Panels are now commonly used in many types of residential construction, and replace the traditional stick-built construction of exterior walls and roofing with factory-built, panelized components that fit tightly together.
  • SIPs panels provide tighter construction than a typical framed wall or roof.  SIPs also eliminate the need for other types of insulation on exterior walls and roofing, where applied.
  • These manufactured panels are offered in higher levels of R-Value to meet residential energy efficiency building codes across the country
  • SIPs are formed by pressing together two sides of structural OSB around a hard core interior of EPS foam insulation.
  • eLoghomes is now uniquely offering this option for second-level exterior gable and wall construction and roofing applications.

We assist our customers in obtaining REScheck™ certification

  • RESchecks are critical to passing local building codes for energy efficiency in many areas of the country. A REScheck report is an analysis of a home’s design which documents that your residential building will meet or exceed the energy conservation standards of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) developed by the International Code Council.