Can Your Log Home Generate Substantial Profit on Airbnb and VRBO?

March 29, 2023

Can Your Log Home Generate Substantial Profit on Airbnb and VRBO?

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TAKE OUR QUIZ: Can Your Log Home Generate Substantial Profit On Airbnb and VRBO?

If you own a log home – or are thinking of building one – you will have a magical asset that can generate substantial income. Log homes, with their warm glow and natural settings, attract vacationers in droves on sites like VRBO and Airbnb.

True story: We know of log homeowners who have grossed as much as $100K in one year on Airbnb. We also know of people who didn’t generate a profit, but they did generate enough income to pay for their mortgage and upkeep over a period of several years, and still used their home for 100 days a year – while others paid for it. How can you know in advance whether your home will generate enough income to make it worth renting out?

Take our quiz and find out. If you can answer most of the questions below with a “yes”, your log home just may become an incredible source of income.

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Quiz Section #1:

Seasons and Location

A. Is your home located within a two- to three-hour drive of a major metropolitan area?

B. Will your home appeal to vacationers during at least three seasons of the year? (If people would love staying in your home during the summer, fall, and winter months, it can generate substantial income.)

C. Is your home easy to access with a regular vehicle?

Quiz Section #2:

Things to Do

A. Does the area surrounding your home provide plenty of activities during more than one season (For example – boating/fishing/hiking in the summer, wineries in the fall, skiing in the winter?)

B. Is your home within an hour or so drive from additional things to do, such as an amusement park, safari park, shopping outlets?

C. Is there anything else nearby that attracts visitors (such as a college town, major historical site, etc.?)

Quiz Section #3:

Your Home’s Appeal to Vacationers

A. Does your home offer at least three or four bedrooms, and a great room where guests can gather? (Generally, the higher the bedroom count, the more income your home can generate.)

B. Does your home feature things that help guests relax and never want to leave, such as a nice fireplace, hot tub, or a great selection of board games?

C. Do you have professional photos of your home to post on Airbnb and VRBO? (If not, consider inviting a professional photographer to enjoy a free or reduced cost stay in return for the photos. These make a huge difference in your listing!)

Quiz Section #4:

The Mechanics of Renting

A. Do you have someone who is located close to the home, and can manage cleaning and occasional guest needs, making you a super-responsive host?

B. Are you pricing the home correctly in relation to comparable listings? (You can find a ton of information online on how to do this.)

C. Are you covering all of the bases that will earn good reviews? (Comfy beds, high-quality bath towels, and a well-stocked kitchen are musts.)


Does your existing (or dream) home pass this test?
If most of your answers are “yes”, consider joining the community of people who enjoy the log home lifestyle while earning cash that helps defray mortgage costs – or even becomes a financial bonus.

CLICK HERE to access our Rental Income Calculator  and map out your own income plan.