Why a Log Home is a Good Investment

May 23, 2023

Why a Log Home is a Good Investment

Why is a log home a good investment? Here are five reasons.



Log homes are a good real estate investment.

Real estate is historically a good investment – most financial advisors recognize that real estate generally holds or increases its value. And there will always be a market for a gorgeous log home in a naturally beautiful area. Log homes are exceptional homes, and very few of them are on the market at any given time – so if you were ever to sell, you could command a top price from the right motivated buyer.

log home porch with expansive beautiful view


Log homes remain durable over time.

A well-constructed log home is built to last. In fact, the oldest log home in America, called the Nothnagle Cabin in Gibbstown, New Jersey, was built in 1638. Whether your home is “stick-built” or built with solid logs, it will require a certain amount of upkeep over the years. You’ll need to stain your log home periodically, but if you had a traditional home, you would be painting or replacing siding. The upkeep for a log home is different, but typically no more difficult, than that of a stick-built home. For tips on how to maintain your log home for longevity, check out this article: https://www.eloghomes.com/increasing-the-lifespan-of-your-log-home/

log home great room interior view


Your log home can earn passive income.

The allure of a log home often fetches solid income on sites like Airbnb and VRBO. Travel writers from publications such as Conde Nast regularly review log homes across the country and recommend some of the best to rent. We know of one homeowner who was surprised to find his home featured in Washingtonian magazine in the D.C. area, as the number one log cabin in the area to rent. The homeowner discovered this when a prospective renter told him she had seen the home in the magazine. Washingtonian had never contacted the homeowner – they had simply featured the home after finding it on an Airbnb search.

log home great room with floor to ceiling natural rock fireplace



Modern log homes are naturally insulated and energy efficient.

Many log homeowners say that their home is more energy efficient than their friends’ and neighbors’ framed homes, including lower utility bills. Eight-inch logs are ideal for solid insulation. Modern log home materials such as ICFs (Insulated Concrete Forms) used in a home’s foundation can contribute to energy efficiency. Choosing the right kinds of roofing materials, Energy-star-rated HVAC system, and energy-efficient windows and doors will reduce your energy costs. For more on making your log home energy efficient, check out this article: https://www.eloghomes.com/make-your-log-home-energy-efficient-from-top-to-bottom-post/

woman in log cabin home looking out at scenery from bedroom


Log homes are inherently green and sustainable.

Log homes are constructed of solid timbers, a renewable resource. eLoghomes utilizes eastern white pine, which is sourced by mills from sustainably managed forests, and which has superior load-bearing capacity and tensile strength. We ensure that the logs are properly dried to remove excess moisture, which reduces the chances of log shrinkage, settling, and warping over time. If you’re interested in investing in a home while respecting the environment, a log home is the way to go.

beautiful log home cabin on a lake