Five Reasons to Buy a Log Home Kit From a Manufacturer That Also Builds It

August 22, 2022

Five Reasons to Buy a Log Home Kit From a Manufacturer That Also Builds It

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Here are five reasons:

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#1 You get the best end result.

  • The manufacturer cares as much as you do about your finished home because they are invested in the product and process, from start to finish.
  • Consider:
    There is a wide difference in how log home kits are made. The quality of the wood can vary, and there is also a big difference in how the kits are designed to fit together. When you purchase a log home kit from the manufacturer who is also responsible for building it, you benefit in two ways. First, the manufacturer has a natural incentive to provide the highest-quality building materials to ensure smooth construction. Second, because the manufacturer’s building crews work on the same manufacturer’s kits all the time, and thus are familiar with the nuances of how the kits are designed to fit together, there is far less potential for error in the building process.

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#2 You assume less risk.

  • Your risk is lowered because the manufacturer is not stepping out of the picture halfway through the process, leaving you to struggle with some aspect of kit installation on your own. Instead, they are invested from the time you purchase your kit until the entire shell is built.
  • Consider:
    When the manufacturer is responsible for both the material, and the construction of that material, then the manufacturer has a higher interest in helping the homeowner fix any problems that may arise at any point along the way. The manufacturer will also make sure that its construction crew has specific experience building its log home kits. The last thing you need after making a careful selection of your log home is a builder who has little knowledge of the intricacies of building a log home!

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#3 You make better upfront choices of a home model and customizations.

  • Your choice of a home model completely impacts the construction process.
    Understanding this will help you make better upfront decisions in choosing the home model and custom features that are a perfect fit for you. You can feel confident that the
    manufacturer will help keep you from feeling blind-sided during the construction process, because together, you will both envision the entire process as you make those early design decisions.
  • Consider:
    A manufacturer who also builds will be focused on how decisions in the design of your home will impact the construction of your home. They will look out for any potential issues that should be addressed during the blueprint process – instead of after the fact. Make sure you choose a log home manufacturer who listens carefully as you describe all of your dreams and desires related to your home, and who then has the knowledge and resources to fully execute the project.

#4 You have less pressure and more fun!

  • While you can and will want to oversee the general construction of the home, you can relax, knowing that the same company that offers an array of home models to fit your needs will also bring a capable crew on board to properly build the shell.
  • Consider:
    When building a log home, your goal is to get to a smooth building inspection once the shell is erected. The best-case scenario is usually that the inspector will create a small punch-list that the crew can knock out to achieve the final seal of approval. If your
    manufacturer also builds the shell, you’ll get to this stage much more easily.

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#5 You get the best of both worlds: cost savings and quality construction.

  • By purchasing a fully customizable kit, you can save money on materials, add the custom features of your dreams, and have an experienced team ready to build your shell and prepare it for your subcontractors (electricians, plumbers, etc.) who will complete your home.
  • Consider:
    Log home kit manufacturers can pass along savings to you because of the volume of wood they produce. They can also save you headaches during the construction phase by providing a capable crew to build the shell. Some contractors are notorious for “finding problems” when they take over an existing project, but this won’t be an issue when you work with a manufacturer who also provides the shell-building crew.

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