Four Log Home Decorating Decisions that Matter Most

August 24, 2022

Four Log Home Decorating Decisions that Matter Most

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Which Four Log Home Decorating Decisions Matter the Most?
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The four biggest decorating decisions for your log home are the four things that will be with you the longest. Throw pillows and wall hangings can change on a whim, but the following four decisions could be with you for decades. Here, we offer resources to help you make wise selections that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Quality Log Home Flooring

Decision #1:

Select quality flooring.

Flooring is the longest-lasting decision you’ll make in your log home. Start by imagining the traffic that your flooring will have to withstand. Kids and pets can have a big impact. If you would like tile in your kitchen, and hardwood in the living room, make sure it all flows well together. And finally, think about how darker vs. lighter tones will complement the warm glow of the log walls in your home.

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Log Home Cabinetry

Decision #2:

Choose the right cabinetry.

When choosing cabinetry, think about your overall kitchen look. Is it rustic, or more modern? How will the stains and colors look against the logs in your home?

Picture how you will use the cabinetry. Do you want special features, such as slides? Would a glass feature on certain cabinets help you show off special dishes?

Then explore finishing touches such as simple, rustic, or artsy knobs and drawer pulls. All of these details will add up to a kitchen worthy of a magazine cover.

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Layer Cabin Lighting

Decision #3:

Layer cabin lighting.

Lighting creates the “wow” factor in your home, yet many people forget to layer it intentionally. Think first about ambient lighting – this is general lighting, such as well-spaced recessed lights with the proper wattage to light a room. An example of task lighting would be an attractive reading lamp. For accent lighting, choose a “statement” fixture, such as a spectacular chandelier. The right lighting – and layering – can highlight the warm glow of the logs in your home.

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Furniture for Your Log Cabin Home

Decision #4:

Find furniture that fits your style.

Your log home furniture makes a big statement. Along with style, the comfort and durability of your furniture is critical. Neutral tones typically work best with log interiors, and you can add pops of color with pillows, throws, or even a statement chair. Picture your friends and family members in the space. How many people will typically gather around your dining room table? How will the furniture fill the areas of your great room or nooks? The scale and placement of your furniture is as important as the types and colors of fabrics you choose.

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Log Cabin Bird House

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