eLoghomes Launches Industry-Leading Energy Efficient Design Using Structural Insulated Panels

January 12, 2024

eLoghomes Launches Industry-Leading Energy Efficient Design Using Structural Insulated Panels

January 11, 2024, Battleboro, NC – eLoghomes, a leading manufacturer and builder of log homes, is pleased to announce the release of its Platinum Energy Package, an exciting new addition to the company’s energy-efficient log home package offerings.

The Platinum Energy Package incorporates structural insulated panels (SIPs) on all second story walls and gable ends, as well as the roof. This replaces the traditionally framed exterior walls and insulation typically found in log home designs on the upper level. 

SIPs offer superior R-Value and form a continuous barrier to minimize air infiltration. Additionally, roofs outfitted with structural insulated panels can handle increased snow load levels, often without the need for additional rafters. The result is a cleaner-looking vaulted ceiling. 

With the release of the Platinum Energy Package, eLoghomes leads the log home industry in energy-efficient design.

“eLoghomes is known for its commitment to energy efficiency in its log home designs,” says Gary Rosenfeld, president and CEO of eLoghomes. “As energy costs continue to rise and building codes for residential energy use get harder to meet, we’re proud to offer our customers the best solution on the market.”

Other key features of the Platinum Energy Package include:

  • Upgrade to full 8”x8” log walls, which provide additional energy savings and improve comfort throughout the home. Thicker walls, constructed with the company’s signature 6-Point Weatherlink™ system, create a weather-tight seal, maximizing energy efficiency.
  • Andersen A-Series triple pane windows, for maximum energy savings. A-Series windows enhance the architectural design of the home.

Learn more about the Platinum Energy Package at https://www.eloghomes.com/packages/.

Log House Exterior Layout - Jackson Hole

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