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What Makes eLoghomes the Best Log Home Builders

Modular Log Homes Exterior - Blackhawk

Our philosophy is clean and simple. We strive to be the best log home builder based on quality. We aren’t working to be the biggest. We are honored to have the opportunity to show you our beautiful, unique log home kits and know that when you trust us with your new log home build, we concentrate on giving you the best possible service, materials, and craftsmanship available. Quality: that is what makes eLogHomes the best log home builder in the USA. And oh yes, we build log cabins nationwide. It is a great source of pride for eLoghomes to be a dedicated, “Made in the USA” product company.

What Makes Us The Best Log Home Builders?

Of course, other log home companies will claim to be the best, but based on what criteria? Is it based on their volume of sales? Is it assumed based on their massive inventory of materials purchased from third-party resources? Is it based on thin air with little experience or evidence of serving the log home buyers well? We realize that on the Internet, claims can be made that are grandiose with little substance. That is where eLoghomes shines. We have years of proven experience in not only selling log home kits, but also being the designer, manufacturer-supplier, and log cabin builder.

The Best Log Home Kits In the Industry

The use of the word “kit” may put some people off, however, it is the best way to describe that a log home is cut specifically for a family based on the chosen plan. During your process of putting together your log home kit, you choose what style of logs and corners to use, what windows and doors you desire, where customization should be made to the plans, and other choices that create a bundle, or a “kit” that is manufactured to your specifications. That is YOUR kit – and it is not something that is already sitting on a yard waiting to be chosen, loaded on a truck, and shipped off. In fact, your log home kit is more personal and customized than any traditional stick-built home!

We also work very hard to have the best log home package materials in the industry. The longevity and thermal efficiency of your home is a top priority with eLoghomes. Watch our video on Youtube that walks you through most of the processes that go into creating the top-quality log cabins that truly make us the best log home builders in the country. We take great care and pride in producing each and every log that goes into a home with precision and attention to detail.

How do we know we produce the best log home systems? In 1991 the National Association of Home Builder’s Research Center completed an air infiltration test of 8 log homes, produced by 4 different log home manufacturers, in 4 different states. The test showed:

  • The eLoghomes system had the lowest air infiltration rate of all the log homes tested; and
  • When compared to a computer model of a conventionally built home with 2×6 framed insulated walls, the eLoghomes had an annual heating energy prediction which was 7.4% better than the conventional home. Or, in other words, the conventional home was predicted to require 8.0% more MBtu (thousands of British Thermal Units) per year.

Of course, the log walls need to be built correctly – but that’s one of our specialties as well! And here are some of the reasons why an eLoghomes log wall performs so well:

  • A true notch & pass system (NOT butt & pass) that features a factory precut mortise and tenon joint;
  • Hardwood dowel and caulking for all in-line vertical log joints;
  • Integral double tongue and groove for all horizontal log joints with;
  • Double row polyfoam gasket;
  • 1/8″ caulking bead against the outside tongue;
  • Self-tapping lag screws that achieve immediately, and long-lasting, wood to wood contact;
  • Exterior drip edge to shed water down and away;
  • Solid wood corner posts with post-to-log spline system for inside and angled corners.

The Best Log Home Service

In addition to the goal of having only top-quality material log homes to offer homeowners, we consider quality service a top priority as well. If any eLoghomes customer needs assistance, we are just an email or a phone call away. Our Log Home Specialists go through rigorous training, spend time in the yard where the logs are actually milled, pass tests of extraordinary magnitude, and understand how important knowing the details “backward and forwards” is to every single log cabin buyer. They know what they are doing and when a call comes into our toll-free number, you can be sure a qualified person is ready and eager to help you with your questions. It is important to us to be able to help when we need it. Our company is quick to serve you and assist in making your dream home grow from an idea to a long-lasting, cherished log home.