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Not Your Grandpa's Log Cabin - Luxury Log Homes

Trust us. The small log cabin homes that eLogHomes designs, manufactures, delivers, and builds are plenty impressive. Luxury Log Homes - find out more about the Maple Ridge design luxury log home! Less square footage is very attractive to minimalists and eco-friendly home owners. The high quality of our log home material is the star of the show. The beauty of the wood, the tightness of the structure, and the elegant lines that a log cabin delivers is just as evident in 700 square feet as it is in 4500 square feet.

However, the stunning visual appeal of a large, "lodge-like" log home is undeniable. The log home plans for large, luxury log homes are carefully detailed and have to be equally matched with quality millwork and expert skills. The more material that goes into a home, the more meticulous we have to be on top of our already-stellar manufacturing service.

Luxury Log Homes That Make A Statement

When you find that perfect lot or acreage and nothing but a large, custom log home will do, go to the eLogHomes gallery and sort the log home gallery by square footage. Using the sort function, you can isolate the size of large log homes and plans that will fit your vision. But don't be surprised if you find yourself looking at all of the floor plans. ALL of the designs are attractive, well apportioned, and practical. Add in the natural visual beauty of a log home coupled with positive ecological and energy efficiency inherent in the structure - and you have a winner no matter what size you want to build.

The Maple Ridge Log Home Design - A Stunning Example of Large Square Footage and Luxury Log Home Appeal

Take several minutes and click on the Maple Ridge picture to visit the floor plan and detailed description page. The clean lines of this design and great flow between room areas shown in the floor plans is functional and flexible. This is a great design waiting for your personal touch. It is exciting to know that customizations and the home logs can be ready and built specially for you and your family a lot sooner than you think!