Indoor Entertainment Area Ideas for Your Log Home

August 26, 2022

Indoor Entertainment Area Ideas for Your Log Home

Log Home Living Area - Winchester

Modern log homes are made for entertaining. The features we love in traditional homes—high ceilings, open floor plans, panoramic windows, expansive decks—are also common in contemporary log homes. This makes it possible to entertain guests all year round.

Whether you’re building a mountain retreat or a family home in the exurbs, think about all the ways you want to be able to use your home, now and in the future.

Will you be regularly hosting family and friends? Do you want to be able to throw large parties—or maybe even host a wedding or family reunion someday?

When it comes to building the perfect space for hosting, the same general rules apply to both traditional homes and log homes. These tips will help you create lively entertainment areas for your guests.

Keep it open.

Log House Living Room, Kitchen and Dinning - Campfire

Open-concept spaces are some of the best floor plans for entertaining. It’s why they’ve dominated interior design since the 1950s. An open layout makes a home feel more spacious and makes it easy to move effortlessly from one room to the next.

It’s easier to hear music in open layouts, and most guests find it easier to walk around and mingle in a home with an open floor plan. Lighting also tends to be better, since there are fewer walls and obstacles to create shadows.

The airy design of open floor plans can feel overwhelming at times, but you can balance the space with strategically placed furniture. Create little nooks within the main entertainment area where people can slip away for a break.

It might be a window seat or an enclosed seating area tucked off to one side of the room. Sliding doors are another way to break up a large space and create a sense of cozy seclusion.

Showcase the kitchen.

Luxury Kitchen interior - Stoneridge

The days of closed-off kitchens are long gone. In modern homes, kitchens are important gathering spaces where people congregate.

This is especially true in log homes. It’s why so many modern log homes feature breakfast bars and island seating as a mainstay of the kitchen.

An island with comfortable seating is a natural draw for guests, and it’s a perfect staging area for drinks and appetizers.

To make your island the centerpiece of the kitchen, go with an attractive stone or wood countertop and keep the space clear of clutter.

Consider an island without a sink to give guests more room to spread out. Also think about  mood lighting above the island to encourage conversations with the chef while they’re whipping up meals and snacks.

If you’re looking for another way to impress guests, consider an in-kitchen fireplace. There are lots of options today, including two-sided designs that create a natural divider between rooms without being obtrusive.

Take the party outdoors.

Log Cabin Home Deck and Porches

Outdoor entertaining goes hand in hand with log homes. Decks are incredibly popular in log homes, and they can add significant square footage to your home for outdoor entertaining.

Depending on how much outdoor space you have, try to create multiple seating areas with different types of furniture. Incorporate a focal point where guests can congregate, like a seating area with sectionals and bistro lighting.

If it’s in the budget and makes sense with your home’s layout, consider an outdoor kitchen or bar, which will allow you to host larger parties. To keep guests warm on chilly nights, invest in a few heat lamps to place around seating areas.

Add plenty of lighting to keep the fun going after dark. There are lots of options today, from bistro lights to tiki torches to colorful LED light strings. Use solar lights on stakes to illuminate pathways.

Bring on the games.

Log Homes Bar and Game Area

A game room is always a winner. From billiards to darts to poker, there are endless options for creating the ultimate game room for guests.

You might be tempted to cram the room full of games, but less is actually more. Don’t overpack the room with too many activities. Players should be able to move around with ease.

If you have enough room, consider incorporating a mini movie theater, which can also double as a (video) gaming area.

For smaller spaces, choose furnishings that can double as seating. Modular furniture can be reconfigured according to your needs, while movable pieces like ottomans, stools, and folding chairs make it easy for guests to pull up a seat wherever there’s room.

Since noise can be an issue in game rooms, find ways to soundproof the space. If you’re building a log home from the ground up, your builder or contractor can incorporate soundproofing features from the get-go, such as QuietRock, sound panels, or extra insulation.

Make room for overnight guests.

Living Room Area - Jackson Hole

If you plan to throw all-nighters or host out-of-town guests on the regular, make sure you have enough space to comfortably accommodate everyone.

A loft is an efficient, space-saving option that’s ideal for families and kids. Even a small loft can easily accommodate several people. Three-panel screens or dividers can be placed between beds to give guests additional privacy.

For your own privacy, consider a floor plan that puts the master bedroom and guest bedrooms on separate floors. Your builder or general contractor can help you come up with a design that works for your needs.

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