7 Handcrafted Interior Accents for Your Log Cabin

September 22, 2022

7 Handcrafted Interior Accents for Your Log Cabin

Log cabins have earthy, rustic charm by nature. But incorporating a few handcrafted interior accents can really bring the wow factor and play up the character of your home.

From hand-carved railings to decorative posts and beams to one-of-a-kind fireplace mantles, handcrafted accents lend rustic appeal and make your home a unique work of art.

Incorporating items like old barn wood, reclaimed brick and stone, or custom wood carvings not only preserves history, it’s also a great conversation starter. 

Your friends will love hearing the family history behind your rustic end table or how you acquired the reclaimed wood for your sliding bathroom door. 

Let the surrounding environment be your inspiration. An antler chandelier makes sense in a woodsy cabin, while Southwestern-influenced décor might be more appropriate if you’re in the high desert. 

Ultimately, though, design choices come down to your personal taste and preferences.

There are lots of ways to add that signature touch to your cabin. Whether you’re building a traditional log home with stone accents or a vacation cabin with a modern vibe, these design ideas will inspire you to create a log home that’s all your own.

Handcrafted Interior Accents For Your Log Cabin